Even though players have lost a lot at their roulette table and there are many saddening stories about losses, roulette remains one of the most favorite games of all times. Almost all the bests placed on a table offer some even odds when the zero is not taken into any calculation. European roulette is quite different - it has 36 numbers and one zero. In case of European roulette, the zero stands for long-term benefits or profit at roulette table.

Bets at Roulette tables include Red/Black bet. You are eligible to place any colored bet - red or black. There are 36 numbers in red or black - which means 18 numbers each of the two colors. Therefore, there would not be any green Zero. The odds would be that of 50% and would pay 1-1.

There are Evens and Odds - odd number bets or even number bets. The winning odds are 50% when there aren't any green zero.

First Half/Last Half is another bet form that gives 50% chances of winning a game 0 either in the former half or later. When bets are placed on first half, the bet numbers would include 1-18. When the bet is placed on last hand, it would include 19-36. The chance of winning is always approximately 50%. This off pays 1-1.

First/Middle/Last Dozen is a bet that wagers on one dozen or 12 numbers in total. The chosen numbers could be 1-12 or 13-24 or 25-36. However, the payout is 2-1.

First/Second/Third Column bets are divided into three individual columns with numbers. Each of these columns includes 12 numbers. Betting cannot be done on the numbers columns.

2 out of 3 Dozens is one be that involves numbers from 1-24 or 13-36. This bet has odds of 1-2. There are many more betting events that should be understood and implemented properly along with the special rules.