Even though players have lost a lot at their roulette table and there are many saddening stories about losses, roulette remains one of the most favorite games of all times. Almost all the bests placed on a table offer some even odds when the zero is not taken into any calculation. European roulette is quite different - it has 36 numbers and one zero. In case of European roulette, the zero stands for long-term benefits or profit at roulette table. Get redirected here to discover all European roulette options and why it is best to play it in an online French casino.

Bets at Roulette tables include Red/Black bet. You are eligible to place any colored bet - red or black. There are 36 numbers in red or black - which means 18 numbers each of the two colors. Therefore, there would not be any green Zero. The odds would be that of 50% and would pay 1-1.

There are Evens and Odds - odd number bets or even number bets. The winning odds are 50% when there aren't any green zero.

First Half/Last Half is another bet form that gives 50% chances of winning a game 0 either in the former half or later. When bets are placed on first half, the bet numbers would include 1-18. When the bet is placed on last hand, it would include 19-36. The chance of winning is always approximately 50%. This off pays 1-1. Play any casino game from roulette to thrilling slots games all in one place, at https://jeuxde-casino.org/.

First/Middle/Last Dozen is a bet that wagers on one dozen or 12 numbers in total. The chosen numbers could be 1-12 or 13-24 or 25-36. However, the payout is 2-1.

First/Second/Third Column bets are divided into three individual columns with numbers. Each of these columns includes 12 numbers. Betting cannot be done on the numbers columns.

2 out of 3 Dozens is one be that involves numbers from 1-24 or 13-36. This bet has odds of 1-2. There are many more betting events that should be understood and implemented properly along with the special rules.

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